WeVideo Training Agenda

Here is an agenda I used to train teachers on using WeVideo before my school shut down in March.

I used Wakelet as my training agenda for the sessions for the day, but WeVideo is included in there.

Here is a more detailed training agenda:


This is such a great resource. Thanks for sharing @kim.mattina :star_struck:

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Your welcome!!! Glad it is helpful!

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Me, too, Kim!
I’m really getting into Wakelet and learning what it can do. I used it to drive my training this week. It worked pretty well! Here’s my WeVideo Collection: https://wke.lt/w/s/qjvV_m

Karen I am glad you are using it. It is awesome! I always use Wakelet for my trainings. This year during the Wakelet Community Week, I learned so much more about it, especially laying things out. Reach out if you have any questions.

The Wakelet agenda looks great!! I just saved it and if you don’t mind, would I be able to share it with staff at my school? I also just followed you on Wakelet too. :slight_smile: